New Builds New Build 037

Week 42

Click on any of the images below to view in more detail.

The whole hull has been sprayed with undercoats: here the nozzle and rudder 

Undercoat on the upper deck and gantry 

'Cutting in' round the awkward bits before spray painting the next coat 

More 'cutting in' 


The wheel house and upper decks have been sprayed white 

The port side of the shelter deck has also been sprayed 

The stern has also been sprayed white 

Spray painting the Gilsen frame 

Spray painting on the starb'd side 

Lights are now working in the galley and mess 

The Skipper's cabin is nearing completion 

The front of the wheelhouse is ready to have the display screens fitted 

Some displays are already mounted in the wheelhouse above the windows