New Builds NEW BUILD 038

Week 40

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Finishing off the plywood lining of the fish room 

Preparing to spray on the fibre-glass coating to the fish room walls 

The shelter deck has been fully painted and now looks much lighter and brighter 

The hull above the water line has been painted red and masked over ready for the next paint 

The blue anti-fouling paint has been applied below the water-line 

The gantry is being painted red to match the hull 

Handrails and other details are also being picked out in red 

The upper deck has been finished with a non-slip surface 

The art-work has been applied to the upper hull 

The lettering on the hull is being picked out in white 

Lettering on the transom is picked out in black 

More lettering on the transom 

Time to remove the covers and its supporting scaffolding 

Painting the white lines onto the hull 

The banner has been painted onto the front of the wheelhouse