New Builds New Build 037

Week 26

Click on any of the images below to view in more detail.

Progress continues in accommodation: the bunks are well advanced 

Cabling is going well: here in the skipper's cabin 

The gearbox has been seated. Note that concrete ballast has been added below. 

The seating is taking shape in the mess 

The name is now on the stern 

Letters waiting to be attached to the starboard bow 

Installing the portholes in the galley and mess 

Work continues on the shelter deck 

The steering gear has been fitted 

The wheelhouse construction is progressing (Monday) 

The front of the wheelhouse (Monday) 

The front of the wheelhouse by Friday 

The rear of the wheelhouse on Friday 

Work is continuing inside the wheelhouse 

Welding one of the winch mountings onto the deck 

Window frames waiting to be fitted into the wheelhouse