New Builds New Build 037

Week 17

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Good progress in fitting out accommodation 

Starting to build the bunks 

The rudder post has been fitted through into the accommodation area 

Sound insulation panels have been fitted in the deckhouse floor - above the engine room 

Aluminium plates are arriving with which to build the wheelhouse and shelter deck 

The forepeak is progressing well (Monday) 

Parts have arrived for building the nozzle 

Further progress on the forepeak (Thursday) 

The forepeak is now out in the yard and ready for lifting into place 

Work continues on building up the stern 

Leveling up the bulbous bow before lifting into place (Friday) 

Preparing the front tend to receive the bulbous bow (Friday) 

Starting to lift the bulbous bow into place 

Swinging the bulbous bow round to the front end 

All but there!