New Builds NEW BUILD 038

Week 10

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Sides to the aft deck are being built. The coaming for the escape hatch is ready to fit (Monday) 

Work has started to construct the transom (Monday) 

The aft upper deck is being constructed (Thursday) 

The transom has been completed and the coaming fitted to the escape hatch (Thursday) 

The gantry is also under construction 

The bow section is out in the yard waiting to be lifted into position (Monday) 

First the bow is lifted clear of the ground 

The supports needed during construction are removed 

The bow is then leveled 

The lift is started 

Up and over the workshop 

Starting to lower the bow onto the for'ard end 

The bow is now lined up with the hull 

Guiding the bow back into place against the hull 

By Thursday the bow has been secured and scaffolding is being built up around it